Tips for a Wonderful Traveling Experience

A Useful Tip
Once you enter a hotel room, use a bagua map to determine the areas that need to be revitalized. Then place feng shui crystals, or just clap in those areas to attract positive energy.
Feng shui, in the literal sense, means wind and water. These are natural elements that create a flow of good energy, i.e., the movement of chi, which in turn helps us stay healthy and happy while dwelling in this environment. At home, you can energize the premises with certain smooth crystals, stones, and other feng shui pieces, and maintain a constant flow of positive energy. But what can you do while going for a vacation? How can you feng shui your travel? Well, there are a few easy and common feng shui methods you can use to make your journey a safe and enjoyable experience.

Just as the energy in the environment affects our physical and mental health, we also affect the space around us with our internal energy. Therefore, feng shui also means to care for your inner self to reciprocate the positive energy to the environment. This feng shui principle works best when you are traveling; where you don’t have the support and nourishing power of your home. High personal energy levels, a positive attitude towards the things happening around, and ‘feel-good’ thinking will make your journey successful.
Feng Shui Tips for a Better Traveling Experience
Maintain Personal Hygiene and Environmental Cleanliness

Cleanliness and proper hygiene are the building blocks of feng shui. It starts right from the way you pack your bags and the kind of clothes you choose for the trip, to the destination you are heading to. It is important to pack things neatly, wherein all the essentials have separate compartments, along with some extra space to accommodate purchases made during the trip. Also, when it comes to the choice of clothing, it is recommended to choose bagua colors for a better traveling experience.
Next is your temporary home, i.e., the place where you have planned to stay during your travel. Be it a hotel room or a friend’s cottage, it needs to be clean and fresh to allow positive energy into the room. However, cleanliness does not mean dumping things in closets and drawers, while presenting a clean bed and a clean dressing table. Cluttered closets and drawers can attract negative energy, and disturb the flow of positive energy in the room. Also, make sure that you keep your suitcases out of sight. This will make your room more spacious and attract positive energy with ease. It will also keep negative energy, which might have traveled with your luggage, away from you.
Carry Feng Shui Items Along

A feng shui stone is considered an Earth element that is beneficial for sound sleep. Buy a stone and place it under the head of your bed. This will help you relax and have a good night’s sleep. A feng shui stone is also known to possess grounding energy, which keeps you connected with the earth’s positive energy, despite all the movement during your journey. It helps to conserve the required amount of energy while draining off the excess.

These feng shui items are helpful, especially when the door of your room is in line with the bed or the ceiling fan is right above the bed. The chi (energy) in such a room does not circulate evenly, and hence, these crystals help disperse the energy in all the corners of the room. You can carry small crystals in your pocket or incorporate them in your jewelry to make it more subtle.

Look for places where you can place scented candles and enhance the ambiance of the room. The position should be such that the fragrance encompasses every corner of the room and offers a pleasant atmosphere. Similarly, essential oils, especially lavender oil, is best known to provide relaxation; just little of it should be sufficient for the entire journey. You can also opt for other essential oils of your choice and use them to feel refreshed.
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